Caroline & Zach

Classy and sweet are two perfect words to describe Caroline & Zach as a couple, and their wedding was exactly that. I seriously tear up looking at these images because you can just tell there was so much emotion and joy filling this beautiful Memorial Day weekend celebration! White peonies were the star of Caroline's bridal bouquet, and we are in love with her choice of darker greens and ivy. YES, IVY IS COMING BACK!

Thank you Caroline & Zach for inviting us to be a part of your day, and Kelsey Renee Photography for these gorgeous images!

Abby & Jesse

Abby is a visionary, and seeing her wedding day dreams come to life while getting to play a part was such an honor. As a couple, Abby & Jesse's relationship exudes pure joy, which was evident in this amazing celebration. Dreamy blush peonies mixed perfectly with the blush bridesmaids dresses, dainty floral crowns for the bride and her sweet flower girls, and willow eucalyptus garlands that hung from a gorgeous chandelier in the barn- we love ALL of it and are so excited to share a few of our favorites from her day!

Photos by Courtney Dueppengiesser


Spring at the Greenhouse

There is something so inspiring about any day spent in a greenhouse, so we decided to take a little trip in search of inspiration for our spring planting. Frey's Greenhouse located on Columbia Avenue in Lancaster was our destination of choice. We loved the variety of both indoor and outdoor plants that we found there.

moss = vine_-2.jpg
moss = vine_-11.jpg

Copper Cup Coffee (right up the street) was the perfect place to begin our morning!

moss = vine_-44.jpg

We decided to style a window box, so choosing a variety of different heights, hues of green, textures and shapes was important. When arranging long narrow containers like these make sure to use your taller plants as a backdrop for the others you want to feature. Checking the tags for any instructions is also important, since some plants are better in containers than others, and shade versus sun plays a role.

The plants we chose for this box were:

Swedish Ivy

Bronze Fennel (interesting texture and color variation)

Juncus (our tall, spiky plant!)

German Ivy (variegated leaves differentiate this ivy from the Swedish)

The cedar window box we used was handmade, but you can find a similar style from Home Depot (here.)

Plant Hack: Window boxes can dry out quickly because they are shallow. If you line the bottom with diapers it will help absorb excess water and keep the soil moist.

This thrifted table topped with a mixture of potted plants made for another perfect porch accent!

Tips & Tricks:

-If you struggle with remembering to water your plants, pick a day and stick to that! (Watering Wednesday is always a safe bet!)

-Ice cubes are a great tool for watering small plants. Drop a few in and you're done!

-Some of those adorable, rustic terracotta pots also absorb water more quickly and leave your plants dry. Line your pots with plastic wrap/bags before potting to help them retain water!

-Make sure to add some small rocks or pebbles to the bottom of pots with no drain hole. This will keep the roots from rotting, and is a great way to help you re-purpose cute containers/candle holders etc.

Greenhouse Suggestions (Local to Lancaster):

-Frey's (As we mentioned, love the unique selection!)

-Ken's (Convenient for it's two locations, and often runs sales!)

-Shenk's (A sweet little family owned greenhouse with amazing prices!)

-Perfect Pots (A gorgeous setting and fun workshops.)

-Home Depot & Walmart (The perfect places for inexpensive indoor and tropical plants. Home Depot even allows you to order online! Plants shipped straight to your door? Yes please!)


We hope you've enjoyed our spring day at the greenhouse, and are feeling inspired to style your porch, redo your gardens and pot your plants! Let us know if you have any questions, or plant hacks you love.

Also a huge thank you Anna Sage Photography (Heidi's sister!!) for spending the day with us!